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sweetbri (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2005 at 1:41pm
Current mood: TiReD*
Music: Way Away- Yellowcard
I just woke up like an hour ago. I had Anthony*, Kate, and Mel over till like 9:30 last nite .. I like Anthony he iz really cute! He iz the new kid in our school and everyone thinks he is cute and i wuz the first wun to get him!! haha lol .. =) .. Friday we all went to the movies and saw White Noise!! it wuz sooo stupid!!! Then after the movie i slept over Francine's and Dominic calls me at like 2 in the mornin` .. i dont kno whut iz up wit him anymore!!! He iz relly startin` to piss me off! O well .. im so confuzed about all of these guyz on my plate rite now!! The onlii one i truly love iz Joe .. but i do deffinately like Anthony .. he iz sOo sweet!! Yeaa gTg get ready fOr a party .. ill write sOon!!

[. b r i a n a .]
ii Love Somewon !!
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