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Pnutbuttemartian (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2004 at 7:49pm
Current mood: blank
Music: trapt: headstrong
somebody just commented on my journal post from a long time ago so i thougt id up date again. well its been a pretty long time science my last post so i'll fill you in on the details. I have my driver's licence, still goin out with lauren and i'm now a junior. umm there nothing else really important that i can tell you that u cant just check on lauren's journal. exept me and her went to go see finding everland and it was good. it was fun after the movie cuz we got to hang round the amc for awhile and saw me bro downtown talked to him helpd rorin pic out shirts for and exange for a nother shirt. then we drove me back to me home and me and lauren had fun. well i might up date later. byee
teh pnut
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I love you., 01-10-05 1:09am

Still going out with Lauren?
....Do you want it to be any other way?

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Re: I love you., 01-19-05 10:23pm

no i wouldn't execpt maby a little.. more... like ... hubby later on maby =D
with love

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Re: Re: I love you., 05-11-05 7:04pm

Oh how I love you.

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