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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 1-11-2005 at 11:46pm
Current mood: crazy
Subject: i'm leaving it all behind
so devon broke up w/ me & now i'm gonna try to go back to chc...wish me luck...

i'm leaving all my problems behind...& i'm ready to get the fuck outta here.... later...
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01-17-05 4:16pm

ahh.. I'm sorry about the breakup.

I hope you feel better <3

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03-13-05 5:55pm

your really should destroy yourself...itll be fun to watch ..haha
seriously ......destroy yourself!or kill urself
they mean the same

and as you the fuckin loser always drones on and say..."talk later"
not! bitch

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dumbass lol, 03-17-05 6:32pm

so why is it now you all of a sudden decide to post a reply 2 months later?...doesn't matter...dumbass lol...are you really that bored that if you hate me so much that you actually take the time to type it out?, ok...i'm guessing you're someone from the IV if you're this later...

oh, if it's a droning phrase, then kiss my ass!

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