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kate (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2005 at 4:29pm
Current mood: intolerant
Music: Bright Eyes - The Big Picture
I.. am trembling. Partly from being cold, but mostly from frustration. *takes breath* Our school is run by unorganized unreliable morons.
My yearbook spread is a month overdue. Why? No, not because I don't do my work. Because the teachers running these organizations (whose pictures I need,) do not care that I need them. I have talked to every teacher at least twice and I finally, FINALLY have all of the pictures that I need except one. Tuesday of this week, Mr. Annerino had scheduled that I leave first hour early to take a group picture of the band. From there I would go to Martino's, hold her first hour back to take a group picture of the 1st and 2nd hour, then go to second hour a little late and be done. Tuesday I leave, go to Robuck's, and he tells me Annerino never said anything to him about it and he'd have to do it Wednesday. I then go to Martino's, who isn't there. Instead Mrs. Bitch, some sub, is. She says Mr. Annerino never said anything to her about it and she refused to call him and confirm I was telling the truth. So, wasted day.
Wednesday, snow day. Nothing gets done.
Thursday I leave class early again (which Dolbee gets upset about me leaving twice this week,) take the band picture, and then take the tv pro pic as was planned for Tuesday. After that was all done, I go to second hour about.. 10 minutes late. My 2nd hour is Spanish II with Ryan. I, don't know where to begin. She tells me to sit down, by myself. Talks for about 10 more minutes about shit on the test we were going to take. Then fucking tells me that she has been calling around every teacher looking for me. That she wasted the time looking for me that the class could have been using to take the test. I told her I had to do yearbook stuff, but she said it was no excuse. Apparently spanish is much more important.
Everyone got partners on this test, and I didn't.
I said, "So I don't get a partner?"
She said, "No, you weren't here, you lost your chance."
I said, "Well.. that's not very fair."
She said, "Too bad, you should've been here."
A few times, (yes, more than once,) she'd throw in things like, when talking to another student, "you'd have more time to work on this if I didn't have to call around looking for Margarita," or "I'll just have to grade what you have done since Margarita took our time away." Then to me she said, "If I didn't have to call around, you'd have more time Margarita."
I said, "..You didn't have to call around."
She said all sternlike, "We had a test today. You should be here." Then walked away quickly before I could explain anything. Finally the class ended and my shitty day commenced. One thing that pisses me off about that, besides the fact that it happened, is when she called Mr. Stark, he said he had no idea where I was. I came into his class this morning and he gave me the camera! Also, Mr. Annerino didn't tell her where I was. I'm not sure she got a hold of him specifically, though. The office bitch knew where I was, regardless. She issued me the fucking pass.
Anyway, what the fuck was Mrs.Ryan doing calling around? She said she had heard that I was at school so, what, it's her job to know exactly why I'm not there? For all she knew, I could've gotten sick and gone home after 1st hour. Or my mom could have signed me out for some reason. Or I could have an appointment with Mr. Walker. Or ANYTHING! Why would she call around! I honestly think she did it purely to get me in trouble. That sounds so unreasonable, but why would she even waste her time on something like that? On exam day, when her class honestly does need to take this test? It's not like me coming in late affected anyone else. The most it would do is maybe I wouldn't finish the test, and that's my problem. She had no reason to do what she did. And then to blatantly blame me openly to the class.. what the fuck. I did nothing wrong and she just doesn't have the fucking right to criticize me for anything. I have an A, a 97%, in that class. I don't disrupt. I don't do anything. I sit there and listen to her fucking ramble, and do my work, and she hates me.
Now I've gone off a little bit. My story's not done yet. I came home about a half an hour ago and my mom plays the answering machine. You know what the fuck's on there? Mrs. Ryan's voice telling my parents all of the problems I caused in class today. Oh my god.. I can't take this. I can't take her. I'm going to go listen to the message again and type it word for word on here so you know I'm not exaggerating.

Hi, this is Mr. Ryan, the spanish teacher for Kate Shelton. And, I, you can call me, or I just wanted to let you know that I ran into a problem with her today. Uh. Uh, she had a yearbook pass that apparently Mr. Annerino approved, but it was dated yesterday, and today was a test that would've taken a whole hour in our classroom for spanish and she didn't come up prior to the class and ask if she could be gone for yearbook time today and it caused a problem for my class and her because I had to call around and ask where she was because the students said she was in school. She needs to know that she has to come up to my class first and see if she can take pictures. Ahh, I appreciate you helping me out with that, and her understanding that. Thank you so much. She's a great student-most of the time-it's just getting her to sometimes follow the rules. She learns fast, that's for sure. Thank you, buhbye

okay.. of course it was dated for yesterday.. WE HAD A SNOW DAY. Meaning, anything I was supposed to do yesterday, got moved to today. And what? Come up to your class and ask you first? I have never done that for any other teacher, or her, ever. And no one, not even her, has ever complained. You come into class a little late, you give them your pass, and you go the fuck on with life. Now I have to ask? Her ruling is greater than Mr. Annerino's now? And then she calls my parents? WHAT? Not only did she start her class late by her own fault, then blames it on me, but I did not talk back at all when she accused me. The most I said was what I previously typed. Why would she call my parents? I haven't done anything. I just don't understand. I'm talking to her tomorrow. I'm not going to just, sit there, and pretend like any of it should be happening, or that it's okay. I wonder if she'll even look me in the eye tomorrow when I confront her. She won't.
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01-13-05 5:46pm

HAHA. dude i knew she was crazy, but, i didnt know she was fucking crazy about shit like coming to class late. and she acts like a concerned mother on a saturday night at like 3 in the morning. "o my god where is my daughter (calls every one of your friends parents) have you seen kate?...(thinks to self) o my god she must be dead or raped." hahaha she fucking acted like you were her fucking daughter crazy whore. i love you kate your gonna confront the stupid bitch. HAHA.

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01-13-05 7:30pm

Ugh, I hate that stupid bitch. I really do. She didn't even call around for you, like she said. She asked Elyse if you were here, Elyse said no. Then Courtney Lallo said you were, but taking photos. The class wasn't even disrupted. We started before you got there.

UGH. She is such a STUPID BITCH. You should bring that up to Walker. Maybe that'll get you better chances to switch out of classes.

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Re:, 01-13-05 10:05pm

Yeah, I already made an appointment with him today. I really hope he's understanding and help me out..

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01-13-05 7:42pm

aww poor kate! i'm sorry about your day...I LOVE YOU!!

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01-13-05 8:44pm

i hate teachers.
i hate school.
i hate yearbook.

that sucks :0(

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01-14-05 4:18pm

what a witch! she has no right to do that. that's dumbest thing i have ever heard, and that's saying something. sorry you have to deal with her. hopefully your classes are changed.

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