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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2005 at 6:06pm
Current mood: confused
Music: lonestar
Subject: and i'll gently kiss your lips, touch you with my fingertips...

school was ehhh. i looked hott today tho. lolol. english was gay. spanish i did good on my skit. lunch was gay like usual. sam lost our notebook...ehhh. history was lame. algebra was ok. did all my hw with sean. after school had to write an essay for ms. dice. talked to damian and camila (god i love that kid hes so funny) then to luke (who hates me) and went home. stilllll wasnt allowed to drive so i walked to wendys with nicole. saw noone. then had to go to camilas to do "something" hahahahahahahahahhaha. then went home. now im bored. and im getting sick. blahhh.

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