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jbandkg (profile) wrote,
on 1-13-2005 at 8:29pm
Subject: the man
Today the man turned into a bitch. I really didn't need that man to do that today. Beth my boss pissed me off so badly I was just about to say the hell with this and quit. She made me and everyone esle show her the pizza's before they went into the oven. AND NONE OF THEM WERE EVER GOOD ENOUGH!!!FUCK YOU BETH I WANT TO SEE YOU MAKE A FUCKING PERFECT PIZZA YOU BITCH. She believe's nothing can be her fault, yes we make mistakes sometimes get the fuck over it. I think she's the problem. All I am saying is when joey is in charge their is mistakes or problems.
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01-13-05 9:12pm

FUCKING A BOSSES SUCK...wait chemistry im gonna fail

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01-13-05 9:38pm

What happened to slapping her around and giving her the bitch treatment? How did this one flip-flop? She's new and your boss? Sucky-deal.

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Re:, 01-14-05 11:54am

no no that was the new csr I have had this boss since I started. The new girl is dumb.

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