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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2005 at 9:01pm
Current mood: confused
Music: AFI-Sing the sorrow
Subject: In a space between here and there
Well today turned out better than I had thought, I stayed with loz for a little bit while she showered and prepared to sleep at her nonna's, I think thats how she spells it. Turns out I walked from her house to mine, for anybody that doesnt know how long that is....Well...think an entire town....then another town....Basically. But it was fun, im going over there with her tommorow, we're going to play pool and stuff. I wont mention the implications that run with "and stuff" hmm? Apart from that, last night I played mini golf and go karts with Matt and unfortunatley my sister. She tends to become more annoying around Matt, more aggressive, sarcastic and stupid...I think its her desire to show off to him. Anyway, mini golf was good, I won by about 4 strokes. Got 4 hole in one's as well. There were these two fuck ass little kids at go karts though who seemed to have a penchant for assaulting people due to the fact that they would ram your side and then drive off laughing like a cockhead. I seriousley think when that little fuck hit me in the side it split my rectum :-| Haven't written in ages either, poetry or novel...It just seems that I can only write or have the want to write when im around loz...then when Im not that feeling just goes away. Its like loz is a temporary writers block unblocker :-| Anyhow....Im off all...enjoy your nights and whatever suitable activities you may find in such times *winks*
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-, 02-05-05 8:40pm

One N in Nona. If you're referring to an Italian grandmother.

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