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xmiyavixfanx (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2005 at 5:29am
Music: Dir en Grey- Filth
Subject: Guess whose back~
Quick update before I run off to bed. @_@

Mm, until recently I was in a wonderful relationship, just got dumped two days ago. -__-; Another relationship gone, yay.

I'm currently obsessing over online journals again, so expect more updates. ^_^

I've had a pretty good day, all things considered. xD Spent like, hours outside with my neighbor pointing out constellations. ^^ Then argued for the rest of the time, I love him to pieces. If it wasn't for the age difference I would so molest him.

I'm still a gay as a daisy in May loser, I'm a total nerd...don't let my charm decieve you. -Beams- ^__^ My apartment is covered in anime and J-rock posters, I have a Go Board, fifty billion anime plushies, anime DVDs video games, Every DDR game ever relased with three different pads. Whoot whoot~ <3

Changed up the journal a bit, I thought it was time for a change.


Oh my god, I'm so stupid. -Gigglesnort-

I lalalove you all, comment if you think I'm sexy. <3

Will have a better post tomorrow!

I mean it this time.
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