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sweetbri (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2005 at 2:48pm
Current mood: UpSeT*
Music: nOne
I juss woke up like an hour agO .. iim sO freekin upset .. i criied mii eyes out all freekin nite last nite thinkin` abOut jOe!! I love that kid sO much!! I wuz " " that close to talkin` tO him last nite!! But nOo somewun had to be a fukin bitch and wuz like o0 i gTg nOW!!! God that made me sO mad!! Ugh!! Yeaa this week wuz fukin gay as shit!! Holly and Amanda are still hung up abOut whut happened at the Pep Rally last week and they wunna fite me and Lauren!! lol .. Then Anu iz triin tO get wit Anthony and she iz gOin around callin me a slut sO w.e she iz juss pissed off that he likes me and nOt her ugly ass!! lol .. But that triick that we played on her wuz fukin great LmaO!! Everyone believed it tOO!!! hahahaha .. Yeaa wEll gTg .. Peace gansta!

[. b r i a n a .]
ii Love sOmewun !!
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