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lizzy (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2005 at 4:29pm
so eljay is malfunctioning. GASP. how do i know what my friends are doing every second? i only wish i was being facetious :-/

the first week back was alright...thursday after NHS tina kat and i adventured to dunkin donuts. "are you hispanic?" lol. it was good spending time with tina :) she gets me. friday afternoon we all got very wet cuz...yea it was raining hard. i broke my shoe :-/ ...hey mom, do i hear new shoes? :D i just got new shoes tho....oh well! then at night christine, rach, danielle, jess, adam, armando, ari, and i met up to see a movie and eat at carrabas. we saw in good company, which i'll admit had its funny moments, but overall was just eh. the dinner was nice, a lot of comedic relief, none of which i really remember. lol.

today i feel alright, cept who went back to procrastinating her saturday away? i guess i can still salvage some of it though. JOY.
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03-05-05 5:33pm

oh lizzy, u have no idea how happy i was to see ur comment. i miss you. we need to have one of our long talks. we havent spoken in forever. miss and love you, hope alls well.

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