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blackecho101 (profile) wrote,
on 1-16-2005 at 10:09pm
Music: Sugarcult - memory
Subject: god damnit
idk whats going to happen to me next, idk, my brother will be here any minuit and hes gona 'kick my dads ass' and what not... i mean.... idk... my dad kicked me out he says tonight is the last night ill spend in this house... idk what to do im realy confused. I hope this doesnt wory any of you, i mean, its not like its the end or anything ill still be online and everything... i love all of you (dana more so) but yes, idk, if i update this again ill tell u whats going on but right now it looks like me and my mom are moving out unless my dad stops being an asshole. wish me luck, we had 2 sherrifs up here, one being a LT. it was pretty bad but yeah, my brother is on his way down from virginia to maybe pick me up or somthing. its gona be hard, but i can make it... once again, i love you dana. sleep light everyone and cherrish every day you have, you never know what the next one will bring.
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