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da-units (profile) wrote,
on 1-17-2005 at 3:41pm
Current mood: hot
Subject: This is REL
Well, I am now looking at this AwEsOmE journal that Chel set up for us. It is sweet. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! (rolls eyes back n pulls fist in front of face like Kip on Napoleon Dynamite) Yes, well, I went to Lake Ann Youth Retreat this weekend and it was sooooooooooo much fun. Even though it was like below 0 the whole time I had a blast and drank lots of hot chocolate and went tubing and played outside and sang and laughed a lot and looked at Natan a lot too. Yeah, it was sweet. Then today I'm really tired b/c we didn't get school off and i got like 12 hous of sleep this weekend and our school is dumb b/c we don't celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day b/c we're racist and gay. So, really me n Chel are only mad b/c we wanted school off, not necessarily b/c we don't love black people. Because we do love black people, they taste like chocolate!! i wouldn't know!!! So, love u all, even though I don't know you and most of you are probly old psycho men in their 40s just looking to stalk young kids so you can use ur old wrinkly wang. HAHAHA!! losers!!! I said wrinkly and wang in the same sentence!!!! SUCKERS!!! Go stick ur wrinkly wang somewhere else!!!
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01-17-05 8:25pm

I heard alot of people went to that retreat thing.

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Re:, 01-19-05 5:42pm

yeah, i think alot of people did. well thats what arielle told me anyways. this is chelsea by the way...

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