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eragedbluerat (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2005 at 8:14pm
Current mood: well i certainly could be better
Music: nada
Subject: if you ever said you miss me then dont say you never lied
well who didnt see a break up comin up? i did though i was hoping i was wrong. and to be honest i didnt think it would happen this fast. well the same thing happened as before. only the difference was, this time she didnt forget about me, she just didnt care. she would always tell me how great her friens were, how she had the greatest times with them. She actually came home from model UN and told me it was nice to get away with the people that really matter. Thanks becs. well we're still going to go to the dance. only becuase i dont feel like doing papaerwork. which i know i will.

Denver sucked. i got yelled at countless times for quoting Family Guy. I'm sry that show is god there is no messing with it. the only reason it was a problem was becuase my gmom was there. other than that it wasnt a big deal. but they have heated sidewalks. crazy shit i know. well thats it. ttyl
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