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70billion (profile) wrote,
on 1-20-2005 at 4:02pm
HEllo everyone, If anyone is looking for something to do on friday my band has a free show @ hungery hearts Cafe. The show will start around 8 or 830, we will probley go on 9 930ish, it is located on Fulton between I think lane and just before johnball park zoo. We are playing with Look Ma, Ultra Ego, and some boy band. This cafe has no Idea what they are in for and we will probley never be able to play there again so it should be fun, if any one has qeustions about the show you can give me a call @ 1616 915 7426 if I dont awnser I might be in class or my phone is dead but if you leave me a message I will call you back
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01-20-05 6:04pm

robby i mailed you something to your moms house...lemme knwo if/when you get it.

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