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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 1-21-2005 at 12:05am
Current mood: naughty
Music: Butterfly Boucher- Changes
Subject: wrote this one Wednesday..... ill update from Wednsday till today later on tonight lol sorry
welps Tuesday went to school thats a Major pain im telling ya lol in Alg. 2 we started our final and i had no clue what we was doing in English we took notes for our Final and in 3rd we did the same in 4th i wasnt in there cuz i went to a H.A.T.S meeting but we also took notes in there for our final........... after that i stayed after school for the Girls away games but first aunt bre had to help out with uncle terrys basketball practice........ Tabi went to the game i was soo happy lol cuz i thought i would be there by myself cuz the Varsity boys had a game in wirt county Thank Gosh the Cheerleaders didnt have to go lol........ Aunt Brenda made cookies so me and tabi ate them and yea was goofing off and had a blast b4 we even left hannan lol Aint that Right TABI?!?! haha fun fun cant talk much bout that cuz we might get in trouble lol......... but then we played knock out or something like that where you try to make the basket b4 the person in front of you i was on the last 4 the first time and the second time i was the first one out it was ok at the games we lost both of them and during the girls Varsity game i fell asleep cuz my back was hurting soo bad..... it has been hurting since like uhh Friday mom told me its out of place today there wasnt any school which was fine with me cuz i couldnt walk much cuz my back hurts soo bad welps if anyone knows who this Diggsman is please tell me cuz its worrying me...... much love and God bless *Kimberly*
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01-21-05 1:43pm

Haha Kim we always manage to do stupid stuff when we're together. Those cookies were great! I was sad the games last night & tonight are cancelled. That depresses me...ohh well! I hope your back starts feeling better, you need to go to the chiropractor!

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