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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 1-21-2005 at 11:42am
Current mood: ickehhhh
Subject: nuuuu~~
warg, I am sick XP It's amazing how these things come about, I was just fine (despite my cough) this afternoon. Perhaps it didn't help either that I ended up staying awake until midnight doing homework (including my entire math packet.. haha I am the biggest slacker of all time 9__9) I really WAS going to go to school today, but Mum had the attitude that she really wouldn't mind if I stayed home ("you can stay if you want"), so I agreed, for the sake of not getting worse before finals week, and also for SLEEP! X3 I suppose it was also good because I also had a math review exam that I really felt I wasn't ready for (considering again the staying up until midnight doing other work and not being able to study properly.) Still, I feel a little guilty because that meant that missing my beloved english class (nyuuu~~ <3) and also missing a day in art class in which we have a project that's due early next week even though we've barely had any time to work on it. Mrr. >P

I sent homework to my teachers though.. and Amelia, I sent you pictures for your yearbook article so they'd be on time.. I hope you got them :D
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