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killjoy (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2005 at 8:57am
Subject: Together, but not...
I love you. I know im a screw up and I can never make you happy, but i love you. Thats why we broke up. because we cant make each other happy. and this is why we are still together, because we love each other. I am so lost right now, I dont understand it. Everything in my head is telling me that we will go no where except where we are right now, together, but not. In eachothers lives, but not. But everything in my heart is telling me that it doesnt matter. As long as I have the little peice of you that I have now, its ok. And i know we will never date openly again. And I can't describe the feelings of doubt and unwantedness that go through my head at that thought. But it doesnt matter. Because I love you.
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01-25-05 3:19pm

fuck him and fuck everyone else your better than them and you know it now start acting like it

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