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reddevil666 (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2005 at 4:23pm
Im so sick of this shit. Its like i dont know anything anymore, all these new things happening and im the last to hear of any of them. I tried ya know, maybe not enough but i fucking tried-so apparently it makes no fucking difference and no one cared in the first place. I want to know what the fuck is going on, if people would just be fucking honest then i wouldnt feel like shit right thanks
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01-22-05 7:46pm

well, matt told me some shit about some lies you were saying about me. like it was MY idea to go get blasted, and that i was all pissed off because i couldnt get blasted and that shit. also told us about how your mother isnt really having people over, you just didnt want to go over there. so before you start cursing, and pointing fingers, take a look at yourself, and what you're saying because you starting spurtting off.

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01-22-05 7:48pm

Emily, before you go off on my ass i just wanted to say....if you didnt want them to hear about something you said. you shouldnt have said it to me the way you did. sorry for telling them the truth and why did you tell sam about mishee and i's little misshap

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