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dragon-bearer (profile) wrote,
on 1-23-2005 at 3:54pm
Subject: Today
I watched Romeo+Juliet this morning... That is such a warm movie to begin with. Then it gets ugly, so I turned it off before it finished. I watch up to the part where Benvolio says the day is hot and the 'Capulets are abroad'. Then Mercutio dies and I didn't feel like watching that.

I just went to the Smithsonian exhibit at the MAC...
It's pretty powerful... I am a sheltered person; I haven't really seen any photographs like that before. They were photos of American history. The ones that were the most influential perhaps were:
One where two children were at a 'yard'... Sort of like the internment camp for the Japanese, only a tad bit nicer... And it was dirty and grungy and the kids were frowning...
Another was of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. with president, Lyndon Johnson. The president's face was down in his hand and he was out of focus, with Dr. King in focus, in front of him looking very... un-phased, if you will?
There was one with a naked Japanese man bathing himself on a Navel Ship in front of hundreds of men... That was disgusting...
And the most powerful was of a USS ship being blown up at Pearl Harbor...
These pictures made me think that the human race is a horrible species... So many grotesque things done...

Also at the MAC, I seem to get hit on by a number of security gaurds. It freaks me out because they are all like... in there 20's and hitting on me. They talk to me about the art, but smile a bit too much and are too 'friendly'. Aren't they supposed to be watching for someone who's stealing it? Why stand over me and follow me... Do I look suspicious? Do I look older than I am so you can hit on me??

Eh, either way, I felt good today. I felt young. Like it was 6th grade... I felt kind of care-free in that year. And I'm glad today promitted the feeling of not-to-worry.


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01-23-05 7:18pm


Do you know how long the exhibit is going to be there??

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Re:, 01-23-05 10:37pm


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01-23-05 8:25pm

The human race is a pretty sick species, which is why I have so little faith in it.

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01-23-05 8:46pm

The human race is a horrible species. It really hit me hard when I saw Holocaust pictures.

But I'm glad you felt good today =]

Love you.

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Re:, 01-23-05 10:38pm

Thankies! <333
Love you!

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