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viper15 (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2005 at 6:18pm
so im actualy starting to look at my future, lets just say im not the smartest bulb in the box, so im looking at things i can do and i think i found a winner, mmi, its located in either orlando florida or phiniox arizona, and its a motorcycle repair trade school, im really really interested in it, so what do you guys think, orlando or phiniox?
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01-24-05 6:45pm

The one you can spell.

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01-24-05 6:55pm

lol I agree with Rachel

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Re:, 01-24-05 7:03pm

It'd be cool to one day see you on American Chopper or something.

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01-31-05 11:11pm

What up, got bored so i searched by intrest for paintball, see you play. whatta shoot? you play in any tourneys?

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Re:, 02-01-05 5:45pm

right now i have a gameface e-rex wtih a delrin bolt and i use a ricochete apachie hopper, feeds about ....18-19 balls a second and i still have chopping probs once in a while, and yeah i do some tourneys front player, im going to the michigan monster game

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