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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2005 at 9:38pm
Current mood: in pain
Music: Twista -hope
Subject: my OH so interesting day lol

yeps well today was somewhat boring......... there was a 2 hour delay and yea well my grandma didnt call so i thought i would call her cause i figured there wasnt school or something but yea she had just slept in and forgot to call me that ruined my day lol cause i mean i didnt get to bed till like 7 cause i was upset with a someone and when im upset i clean so yea the spare bedroom is CLEAN now lol........ but yea then after i get to school i had to go to mama pyles room for homeroom which wasnt the funnest but its been worse..... then it was off to 1st.. which i have with Tabi and Jennay by the way lol..... the only thing wrong with the Class is its with Shaw AHH lol........ another plus is that Shaina is in there lol second is with Shaw too and Keshia P and Keshia T is in there but today they wasnt talking ot me much i dont know what i did to them tho.... Ziko Lukas and drew is in there too so yea that class will never be quiet lol..... some people in there STARE alot lol.. they need to stop it............ then in 3rd i have Grady which is fun cause i make fun of him..... it made me feel alot better....... he said that being mean to me made his day lol............ oh yes and 3rd i also have with TABI AND JENNAY! lol YAY..... then it was off to 4th... where i have who else but Mama Pyles lol........ she can get mean for a short woman haha.... oh well ya gotta love her lol ..... welps then after 4th was finally i walked with Jason to his buss cause he was helping me so i didnt fall on the ice lol.. God Bless his heart lol... he fell like 3 times today and one time he almost took me down with him..... thought i was gonna have to hurt the boy there for a bit lol.... but yea after i got away from the Gwood bus i seen Grace to pick me up... good thing mama Pyles didnt know Grace picked me up or i would have been in trouble for leaving on the first bell oh well lol....... then i went to the ciropractor (spelled wrong) and yea he worked on my back some more and it didnt take no time lol...... then we talked to him for a few mins and then left and went to eat and Burger King and yea it was GROSS but yea then i left with mom and Grace went home..... i went to Walmart and fell it was depressing lol...... then after we left walmart we was gonna go look for David something for his birthday seeing since its the 4th and all but yea we didnt go cause my back hurt way to bad........ so i drove home (YAY) and yea well there was some guy riding my ass from like almost to Hton home and yea well at about Gwood that buddy was getin to close... i was mad........ i have learned i have BAD road rage lol oppz....... but yea i was screaming at the guy even tho he couldnt hear me........ and i was like mom you know what.... they need to make horns to the sound of a gun shot not to the sound of a mad trumpet and she was like well ok......... and i was like yea cause i mean when im mad i dont want to go play a few notes for a guy i want to shoot him in the face haha and she was all like Kimberly Dawn how darn you think that lol and i was like well mom dont even tell me you dont think bout shooting people in the face and she was like well yea but thast different........ dont you hate it when someone says you souldnt do something but when they do it "its different"...... Ticks me off lol....... well that was my OH so interesting day..... i better get comments or i will CRY lol Much Love and Like always God Bless! *Kimberly Dawn*

DOTS ARE GREAT lol thought i would share that lol
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01-24-05 10:35pm

Yay Kim I'm glad we have classes together!! It's gonna be great making fun of Mr. Grady the whole time!! Welp thats about it, I'ma go talk to you on AIM!! <3

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