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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2005 at 9:16pm
Music: poker on television
Subject: wick had a good idea!
well i was reading whits journal, and she had a good idea, to put out all her feelings but do it anonymously. wick, im borrowing that idea, i hope u dont mind -- its just ive been trying to talk about shit but kinda do it suttely [sp?] .. so here goes, hope ur ok w/ me takin this from u : D

1. I miss you very much. That day will forever be in my head and you will never be forgotten. Everywhere I go I take you with me and i love you soo much. You knew everything about me and everything I did, but you still trusted me and gave me a wonderful life, I hope I made yours at least half as good as you made mine.

2. Damn, where would I be without you? honestly, when i first came to new york i didnt want to have anything to do with anyone, i had such resentment towards the world, but im really glad i met you. we've had such good times and more to come. you're a sweetheart and always there for me. plus ur my johnnys sidekick lol. id be in hell froze over without you here. we just need to help you with ur guy situation haha .. how's that sound coming from me? love uu!

3. Oh buddy, i refuse to write all i want to because this would be neverending. no matter what you will ALWAYS be my best friend forever. i miss you sooo much but when i coe to visit we are going to have SO much fun its undescribable. you will forever be attached to me at the hip and i will be ur friend til the lord strikes me dead. i wouldnt be where i am today without u as a friend, ur advice, ur influence on me [not always good lol.. i had my first drink w/ u], just everything about u. u know we're sisters .. whether the dna says it or not!

4. Well, i didnt know you all that much before i moved, but you are a wonderful person and im so glad i FINALLY got to meet u after hearing u on the phone and hearing shitloads upon shitloads of stuff nad i know u got my back thru it all. i cannot wait to see you again. ur like my older brother!!

5. oh lordy. i met you once and it was soo much fun. i cant believe a fighting couple brought me and you together, all i know is i wouldnt change that for the world. ive been there for u and uve been there for me and u have touched me in such a way.. you are an amazing person and im so glad i can call you my friend. i cant wait to see you again and maybe we can start to drain out our lake. i will never ever forget you, and i appreciate all you do for me. ur in my heart always!

6. well, what can i say? we have been to the end and back again. we've fought more than a married couple but still go back to each other. uve been there for me thru soo many things and vice versa and i know when it came down to the nitty gritty you had my back. we have so many insiders and i know ull be in my life til the day i die. nobody can come between the bond we have.

7. you are so awesome. i really do love you and im always there for u. i have to say tho, we had a good friendship, but we never really saw each other. now that i moved i barely talk to you, but hey i guess that works both ways. ur always lookikng out for me and ur bluntly honest, which can sometimes be a pain in the ass ;) but thats just one of those things about u that make you ... you. you will never be erased from me, its just not possible.

8. oh lordy, where to start. when i first met u years ago, i dint like you at all. you seemed like a cocky ass and kinda like a show off. i met u again this year, really talked to you .. you are so sweet. youre amazing, funny, fun to be around, and anything but a show off. money isnt a thing to u, and u are so respectful. you know how i feel about you, and ive been hearing from people how you feel about me, but itd be nice to get the information from you. i dont really know where we stand, but you have filled a place in my heart nobody else has, and altho you drive me crazy.. i wouldnt give away this feeling for anything!

9. you are one cooky mo fo. me and you are so identical which is i guess why we get along so much. although i rarely see you, when i do we have such a blast. you always make me laugh no matter what my mood, and you're my helper in holdem. and if it werent for u, i wouldnt know person above! : D

10. oh my goodness. we have been through so much, boynton highschool baby, shit talkers R us. you have ALWAYS given such good advice and been there when i really needed u, altho we had that one big blow out and didnt talk for a while u still came thru, especially that day when i really needed u to be there. it wouldnt have been the same without you. i only wish we will stay friends forever and i apologize we havent kept in touch that much. i cry reading our passbooks..

11. haha. me and you are like a rollercoaster. i honestly never know where we stand. we have been through so much, alothough it may not seem like a lot, and i dont know if ill ever be able to forget u, no matter how hard i try ;x. we went from talking, to friends, to mortal enemies, back to friends. it was a wild trip, but a fun one at the least. im glad we're on good terms and i can talk to you when i need a friend.

of course there are tons more people that are on this list, its just these are the ones that came to mind quickly, plus i gotta get to bed soon ;). all of you will never be forgotten and i hope we stay friends for years to come. i didnt exactly say the truth about everybody and about all the people i wanted to, but well, tomorrows another day.

cant you just tell me what you're feeling, i dont want to hear it from the grapevine

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01-26-05 7:39pm

haha, i think im number 7!!!

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Re:, 01-26-05 9:47pm

ding ding ding! u are correct! : D

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oO YeA BoY #2, 01-26-05 10:07pm

SuCkAAaS would be stuck wit paulie at home playing video games and getting drunk and getting ur aunt pissed at u if it wasnt for me hahaha...U KnO...and u would have no place to get ur nails done...atleast someplace cooler than where arlene to u hahaha.((no offense to arlene haha))...yoo i will always have guy situations all my life..the asswHoLeS are DrAwN tO Me haha...lovee you - LoViE*

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wickkk, 02-01-05 10:12pm

numero tressss !!
danielle, it really means a lot to me that you put me in here.
kinda makes me feel like shit that i didnt have you in mine. but to tell you the truth :: i only put my friends w/ LJ on it. so yeah, i'll do it again one day.
i love you babyyyyyy!!!
can't wait to see you soon.
im coming to NY w/ my friend alyssa either summer or spring break. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxxo

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