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heather (profile) wrote,
on 1-26-2005 at 8:14pm
Subject: assume i hate.. you fill in the blank
lori told me she saw him in the mall with his girlfriend. the girl i knew he was dating. uhg. i so knew it. oh well.. but its not even who hes dating or the fact that he is dating, its what he had the nerve to say. to assume that im doing 'just fine' really pisses me off. what i would give for you to call me and see how im doing. but i guess you are too preoccupied. whatever. slowly im getting over it, but... to assume. you only make an ass of yourself.

i have a man. not a boy. a man. for the first time. it shows what i was missing out on. you are just a boy. who will always have a piece of my heart. unfortunately. and its the exact reason why i want to move away from here. now. i want to pack my bags and run away. run to the man. but it seems like im good from running away from problems. what i would give for it to all just dissipate. for good. like the pictures on my wall, or the memories. or the wax hand we mad together. everything.. escaping.

like my heart.
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01-27-05 1:30pm

wow, it sounds like this you and this guy had some history together. running away from your problem's isn't the answer, it is only a temporary solution that will fade over time. so what happened between you two if you dont mind the inquery? just from reading a few of your journal entries, from my own opinion, it does seem that you are doing pretty good. i have read that you are hanging out with your friends, and you even got a new 'man'. i really dont know anything about your situation, but i have gone through a lot in my life as well. good luck

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Re:, 01-27-05 11:16pm

yea we did have a history. over a years worth of history. and out of nowhere he dropped it. like everything we went through meant nothing. im not going to lie, im doing alright, but looking at photos or talking to mutual friends or even thinking about him hurts. i dont think i'll love another the way i did for him. but everything happens for a reason. thanks for the luck, im starting to think i could use it. <3 heeatthr

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