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xmiyavixfanx (profile) wrote,
on 1-27-2005 at 11:20pm
Current mood: lonely
Music: The sounds of Final Fantasy 8
Subject: Oyasumi~
Just a quick update.

Glad to see a few of my old commenters returning to me. ^^ -Kissu- Missed you all. -Sneezes- I hate this, I've been sick for like..four weeks. I'm about to head off to bed, but...I wanted to say that my boyfriend for two weeks broke up with me today. x.x My older boyfriend Kris broke up with me three weeks ago after a two year relationship. ._. -Sniff- Oh, my luck with relationships is down right horrible. I'm currently infatuated with someone whose taken, rather sad. ^^ But, it's weird. Everytime he let's me know he's happy, I'm happy. <3 He's sad, I'm sad. I'm very empathetic towards him, which is something new for me. x.x
If he told me that he'd be happy if I jumped over a bridge into a sea of rocks, I'd do it in a heartbeat. It's a bit sad really.

;-; One of my best friends is mad at me for no apparent reason. -Le sigh- I just want her to be happy to. So, I'm clinging desperately to a bottle of tequila and blinking back tears trying to be happy for the sake of the guy I'm infatuated with. He's in a good mood, and the last thing I want is to take that away from him because he hasn't been very happy as of late. I think he knows I like him more than I should. Which is embarassing and reliving all at the same time. o.o

I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that something bad is going to happen tomorrow. -Frightened- Last time I felt this way, a tornado hit my town. x.x It was scareh. >> And they're talking about another ice-storm hitting us, which is very ironic, no? Maybe I'm just paranoid.

-Le sigh- I'm so horribly lonely and confused. I just want to curl up in a ball and ignore the rest of the world sometimes. .-. Oh well...hopefully I'll manage a more happy update sometime soon. ^^

Oyasumi minna-san!
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06-18-05 2:40pm

Hey..I'm back!! My comp's been acting wierd and wouldn't let me on this site for some reason and my journal has somehow been erased so now I have to start over ::sigh:: But nonetheless I'm back once again. Sorry to hear about your bf. Mine moved away last April, so I'm stuck with a dreadful long distance relationship. If you need to talk, I'm here. ::Holds out a bowl of c.c.cookies::

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07-16-05 1:34am

Hi! Earlier I remembered that I used to read your journal and I wondered if you had started it up again. ^.^ Well it's good to see you back!

I think part of the reason I remembered you was because it was the first time I ever really heard the name Miyavi (in your sn) and now it's kind of strange because I'm in absolute love with Jrock now. O.o And I didn't even know who he was when I first found your journal.
Ah, life and its doominess of stuff.

Anyway, I heart your icon :3 and am happy to see you back! Yay!

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09-04-05 10:03pm

Hi... I know you don't know me, but I have noticed that you are a little depressed (whether that be an understatement or an overstatement I don't know and I am sorry thereof), and I thought I would be able to help. I know how it feels to be majorly depressed and I may know exactly what you are going threw. You don't have to let me help you, but if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm always here; if you want me to help you then give me a sign by either commenting on this entry or adding me to your friends list... as I said, you don't have to do anything, but I would like to help if you allow me to do so.

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