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-allister- (profile) wrote,
on 1-28-2005 at 2:02pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: twinkle,twinkle little star(i'm singing)
Subject: hello
ok well i guess i have to update because i have not in like a really long time. this thing has changed alot. and i had to ask carley what my name was again because i forgot. thats pretty sad and funny all in one, good thing i remembered my password. well for you that dont know i am not tobys friend any more we were really mad at each other or maybe that was just me. but at least we dont hate each other any more we are just not friends and nor do i think if we ever became friends again that we would be as good as friends.but oh well. i'm in german class right now doing two thing at once.

ok for christmas i got a big ten galloner tank and i had two fish at first and one died i dont know why so i made up a story that my other fish did it. and then i went and got 3 more fish i woke up this morning to another dead fish because it's tail was stuck in the filter.and it went through shock and killed it's self.
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