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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 1-31-2005 at 4:49pm
Current mood: content
Music: Jimmy Eat World
My weekends always suck.

'Pooooour you misery down on me\You can't keep me company as long as you don't care\I'm only happy when it rains'

That's a neat song. I'll try to get Hope to burn it for me or something.

We did poems in Blanco's class today. I'm terrible at poems usually, but if I was just being silly I suppose I could do okay.. But anyway. Ben read his it never really ryhmned, but it was funny as hell to the melody of Mother Goose. Repeating and stuff. Hilarious. Hope's was good, like most things she does. We both wrote about Tobias. I'm not sure what he is, since we once named a baby mouse Tobias, but then later that night it was fed to one of Bianca's pet snakes... So maybe he's a spirit or something.. But he was eating and drinking so I'm pretty sure he's a solid being.

Anyway. I got a B on the Algebra test from last week, way better than a lot of people did. I think we're taking the test again, since the curved average was something around 44. So I might go over it later tonight.

I have A's in all my classes right now except for Band, since I bombed two practical tests. Oh well, Band'll be easy to get back up, and we have ten point extra credit when progress reports come out.

I missed DJ today. Like his jokes, cleverness and presence. But I don't think I have a crush on him or anything.. Ha. He makes the day less boring. Everyone will agree with that. Anyway, I drew a picture of a pirate and used him as a referance. I'm so stupid. X3

"Life would be so boring if you weren't so eccentric, Shelby." DJ
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