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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 2-1-2005 at 11:15pm
Current mood: awake
Subject: massive frustration!
I have mostly Bs this quarter. This is particularly frustrating considering the fact that some (like flippin' APUSH) were As a week ago. WARGH! Oh well, whatever.. I guess they're not so bad.. but I like As better >___>

I'm afraid I'm going to make myself paranoid over my grades and consider little failures my doom in going to a college I desire. That's not good. In fact it's bad. I should be motivated, not scared shitless ><;

In any case, I need more extracurricular activities. Or at least some volunteer work. Or maybe a job. Places like Tufts won't like me unless I have more!! ;o;

College high, much..? :P
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