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reigning (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2005 at 4:34pm
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Music: Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi Is Dead
It was the 5th of November. I was sitting at lunch, staring absentmindedly out the window. The wind was blowing around dead leaves in the cool air. I was looking intently upon the few jostled leaves nearest the window. They lay on the ground, two browns and one a yellowish green. Their corners curled up and inward, toward the little holes left from the weather’s abusing. I remember it all exactly, because that’s the day I first caught a glimpse. No more than a peek, for it was gone so quickly that I almost didn’t know I had even seen anything. It had been a reflection in the window. She stood behind and to the right of me. A somber face, with draping black hair. It was merely an outline, but certainly enough to leave me longing for more.
It wasn’t until 3 weeks later that I saw her again. I had been listening to my friend Thomas drone on about his camping trip from the former weekend. She stood beside him for no more than 15 seconds. Her figure was hazy, like a cloud of fog enveloped her and no one else. I studied her delicate complexion, as Thomas elaborated on a moment, which has been much duller than he was making it seem. I pushed him out of my mind, and absorbed an inch of her with every passing second. Her eyes were a startling ice blue, and her lips looked succulently plump. The hair fell down her back in flat waves, which moved as one.
“Dylan. Dylan!” Thomas had said as he firmly grasped my shoulder. He looked me in the eye, and blocked my view of the girl. I focused in on his grayish brown eyes. “You okay?” he asked, then looked at the girl, though when he turned, she was gone. He looked back and said, “your mouth was open and you were all gogglin’ at the floor.”
“Oh, yeah. I.. guess I kinda zoned out.. sorry,” I mumbled back. I looked eagerly back at the place where she had stood. She disappeared once again, and my curiosity craved for more. Who was she?

Should I continue this?
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02-02-05 6:34pm

I like it.

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02-21-05 2:14pm

i random journaled into this and that story is really good. you should continue it.

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