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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 2-2-2005 at 5:07pm
Current mood: sick
Music: The Postal Service
Well then, sickness seems to be spreading like wildfire lately.

DJ's been out of school for the past three days and I asked Briana if he was dead yet and she said he's had a 102 fever. That's not good.

So then yesterday in third period I started sneezing and getting a stuffy nose, which continued to get worse as night fell and became extra-nasty this morning. I had a test in Science today so I was planning on going, even though Mum had her protests. But just five minutes into first period I was back on my way home. I knew I wasn't fit for school, everyone was comments on my lips (which have swollen, became chapped and scarlet) and I was starting to feel dizzy. The real reason, I think, I was so bent on getting to school was to see if DJ was well yet, which he wasn't.

Poor boy, I might not feel well, but my temperature is barely peeking 99.

Freshman thingy at the highschool in an hour.. I should probably take a shower and get ready soon. -cough-

Oh, the Shake The Sheets Cd I ordered came in today, so I'll pick that up on the way maybe.

'so\just say how to make it right\and i sware i'll do my best to comply\tell me am i right\to think that there could be nothing better\than making you my bride\and slowly growing old together'

China is writing a story. It needs a lot of work. Like, seriously. She keeps switching tense in the writing and the style's really... Well she doesn't really have a style of writing at all, truth be told. And the character isn't really interesting, he has a bad judge of character.. One of those, 'Oh, he rapes me; but I just try to shut it out.. He's really a good person you know.. blah, blah.' It's sickingly not thought out.

I might buy the Sealab: 2021 Season Two box set when I get my CD since it's new, and most likely on sale.

So there you have it. My most recent entry.

"I will not walk; so a child may live!" - Master Shake
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