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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 2-7-2005 at 7:41am
Current mood: content
Music: I'm gunna love you forever
Subject: Ooh Boi !
Lets start with friday... Well as most of us know... Jackie is an can b a very annoying person. And for some reason... she loves to start shit with speedy when he comes over to me.. so on friday when he walked over to talk to me.. she kicked him in his b@lls an obviously thats gunna hurt.. so he barely hit her in the leg ( which by the way he asked her friend if he should an she sed YES ) but neway.. so she started bitching an threw water at him.... so in return he took his powerade an threw it on her :) .. o wells sucks for her.. thennn she had a fuckin shit fit an started saying " are you kidding me??" he walked away.. she started crying bc she was "pissed" an then she has the nerve to say " Kim .. why didnt you do nething??" that pissed me off. fight ur own fucking battles.. an plus if u dint kick him in his fucking balls he wouldnt of dun shit!! an about er1 gives him props so fuck u! i dun even give a if ur pissed off @ me either. its kid shit. grow up u conceaded fuck! on saturday... i hung out with speedy again.. dun remember exactly wut we did but i remember running into jackie at the pizza place lol.. she didnt say hi or nething n speedy tried being nice by smiling an she just grilled him. .. then sunday.... i hung out with speedy again.. we went to watch peps play bball.. then we ended up riding in the back of a truck... sum cool shit lol it was fun but cold. then we went home to watch the superball an shiznat. o yeah he taught me some wrestling moves... pretty fun. cant wait til valentines day!!!:) --- g2g bells guna ring ... lattter <3
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Update Kim!!!, 02-25-05 2:40am

Kim you better fucking update your journal lol. This jackie chick sounds really annoying! I hope you are speedy are doing well ;-). I wanna meet this guy you want me to hook up with!! ttyl.
Love always,

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Re: Update Kim!!!, 02-28-05 7:45am

lol.. ok i updated.. leah answer ur fricken phone when i call too1! we couldve chilled yesterday but nope u had to b fricken wack!! lol kidding.. im sure u had ur reasons :) -- love ya see u later my sexyyy bitch...

<3 69!!

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