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BigBen61 (profile) wrote,
on 2-7-2005 at 9:43pm
Music: Led Zeppelin
Subject: Murphy's law
I found out today that theres a good chance i may not get to play any sports again and i'll have to deal with the pain through out my entire life. I also found out that one of my friends from oklahoma died in a car accident last monday, curtesy of a drunk driver. The one thing in life that i thought was gonna work out kicked me in the face because i'm just "too good of a friend". I just want to run away to ireland.
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02-07-05 10:29pm

Life Will Always Kick you in the fucking ass if you give it a chance ben. give up on hope. but sorry about your knee that really fucking sucks. *hugs* wonder if something will work out. and murphy was a dick anyway

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02-08-05 6:06pm

Oh Pookie!... I'm sorry about everything.. *cuddle hug!!!!* did you like that?.. I bet you did. I'll see you tomorrow, if you need me you know where I'm at.


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02-08-05 9:02pm

Ben i love you. i really hope you know that. i'm always here for you and i will pray for you about you knee for as long as it takes to heal. *hugs*


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02-08-05 10:09pm

aw, ben i'm sorry, really are a GREAT friend, you're the only person that i can ALWAYS say hi to and know that i'll get a hey back or whatever, you rock ben and things will work out with the sports thing, i promise

love ya

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Brianna loves you, 02-09-05 1:53pm

Brother ben, wow that sucks. My friend recently passed too. We were best friends cos our parents were...then she got in a car I know how you feel buddy. Just remember I love you. I cant blame this are a GREAT friend..Dont analyze everything>.> eventually you'll find the greatest girl in the world and she'll feel as if she doesnt deserve you....But shes out there....just keep lookin

Lots of Love,
ya baby sista

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