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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 2-7-2005 at 10:50pm
Current mood: content
Tomorrow is the FCAT Writing + periods 1 - 3. Then in fourth period we're having a party of sorts. Meaning Hope's bringing Japanese pancakes, I'm bringing blueberry muffins and my ps2 and DJ's bringing Napoleon Dynamite. Then sixth period I'm hoping Blanco will cave in and have us play games, and hopfully I'll get Taboo with Hope and DJ.

Went to the suppermarket with Mum after school then multitasked between cooking the muffins for tomorrow and some overdue science work.. I don't have science tomorrow because of FCAT, so I'll finish it tomorrow. Because Mystery Men on USA is much more interesting.

"We're not the classic superheros.. we're the other guys." Eddie 'The Shovler'
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