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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 2-7-2005 at 9:34pm
Current mood: peaceful
Subject: doggy diagnosis
[x-posted from lj again]

Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice about Ginger. I love you guys so much!! *hugzzzz* So, here's the dealy-o with the doggy-o.

My Dad took her to a couple vets this morning, and the diagnosis is that Ginger has a tumor in her heart (hold on, I know it sounds bad, but bear with me here) which is apparently giving her an irregular heartbeat. The reason for her episode last night was most likely that because of her heart, she might of not been getting enough oxygen to her brain, which can explain teh woozy-faintyness. Now, the vets say that there's nothing that they can do about the tumor (like operate or anything) but it sounds like it isn't immediately life-threatening, so it's not like she has three days to live or anything. However, they did give her some medication that should help to stabalize her heart.. which hopefully means that she won't have an episode again. But, if she does, it sounds like they can go in and take out the fluid in the tumor to make it less apparent.

In any case, although none of this doesn't seem to be immediately life-threatening, it DOES mean that the vet is predicting that dear Ginger's time will probably come in the next three years or so. It's a little scary for me to think about at first, but really, it does makes sense, since she is over ten years old, so she'll be right over her life expectancy. And the three of us knew that this time would come eventually. When we first got her when I was seven, we all figured that she'd probably be around until I go off to college.. and with all this, it seems to be timing just right.

Time just goes by too fast now. I suppose you know your life is really changing when you leave the house and the pets die. But I can't even express how much I'll miss her when the time comes.
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