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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2005 at 3:57pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Jessies Girl- Rick Springfield
hey all! whats up?! i havent updated in a reallly longg time! haha sorry i have been quite busy! but lets see tomorrow is PREPS!!!!! holla! i am so excited and i am ready to kick some ASS so watch out! haha it should be a fun meet.... that kid john that was on my Duke recruiting trip is goin to be there haha and i know that kelly is very jealous! lets see oh yea WE BEAT CALDWELL!!!! fuck yea how cool are we?!? haha go us! but yea i am so psyched for preps tomorrow bitches! can't even wait! oh and tim is coming with my to semi feb 25! YAY! cant wait should be a good time! but i gotta run! love u all sooo much! ttyl


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