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sherriffsteve (profile) wrote,
on 2-11-2005 at 10:20am
Driving on the road to home, a few cars back maybe three in front.
I don't know, all I know is we are going way too slow.
The guy in front takes a left, the others follow I am left alone.
Maybe this will be the day that I'm going home.
And I feel lonely for the last time.
Walking on the road to home,
I take three steps and I fall backward five more.
I want to stop building up these walls between us.
The walls of pride, the walls of pain.
Break through these and make me whole again.
I cannot wait to be with You Lord Jesus.
And I feel lonely for the last time.
See the walls, see the walls come crashing down around us.
Now we are together.
And feel lonely for the last time.
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02-11-05 11:04am

what up molly. how ya doin. i couldnt make it to the concert sorry. what are ya up to today. anything interesting. haha. well um yeah if you have messenger's add me okay
neocypher817 (for aim)
and alot of others lol

have fun bye, JOey

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03-05-05 12:51am

hey molly...its kelly! i miss you,i havent seen you in awhile. well ive got some awesome news but i want to tell you in person...thats how great it is. so maybe i'll see you at the next youth group meeting, if i can find a ride. i love you!

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