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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 4-30-2002 at 8:20pm
Current mood: emphatic
Music: Abandoned Pools
I had a good day.
I golfed. And I goofed off.
But as me and Jess got on the elevator...I dropped my clubs on my toe!!! I was wearing sandals! Owwww!!! It was soooo funny! We were both screaming and laughing sooo hard! ahahaha. Then, try to get through a single door with a golf bag placed horizontally on your shoulders! Try it sometime, bet you won't make it through :)
I didn't think, and i did that, the about fell backwards. Yeah, today was a funny day.
Oh, yeah, and in 6th hour, we were reading, and i decided that i wanted to lay on the ground (i was the only one laying on the ground) everyone else was in their desks, either reading or sleeping. But yeah, teachere was yakking away, and i fell asleep there, and you know how you dream of falling, or tripping, or something along those lines??? (I read it was all about your nerves or whatever) But yeah, i had this short dream of falling off a cliff, and all the sudden, i jumped, and made a startled noise, well, i got most everyones attention then, and i laughed and sat up...i guess u would've had to be there.
That was my goofy day. :) later
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04-30-02 11:14pm

:) Goofy-pants!, it wouldn't have happend if you didn't swat Rumplestilskin with a flyswater, and call his mom a slut...? err, where am I? j/k. Your my sunshine. :)

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