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BootGency (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2005 at 5:54pm
Music: Dragostea din tei- O-zone (Aka, the Numa Numa Dance song)
Subject: Valentine's Day (Aka Fug you?)
K, this was a fun day. Well, we had a Valentine's Day party, in which I brought fruit punch. Which no one drunk, so I had to take it home. Anyways, I ate so much Valentine's chocolate I felt sick. The idea of eating makes me want to vomit. Which is cool, cuz' it might get me out of school tomarrow.

Anyways, I get Grechion to blow up one of her balloons (She was given two instead of 1 like everyone else) with Nerds inside. Well, she does it. fucking ownage. It shrunk later on, but it was so cool. I used it to smack people at one point. Near the end, it got a hole in it, and it leaked nerds. Which I ate, because I could. ^_^

We had music in our room, which was The Night before Chirstmas' sound track, because Andrew brought the music. We had some people rawking out to it. ^_^

Well, I get home and play DotA with my clan, and I run into this dipshit who goes by Nightsky (I'm Eldermoon on this BTW.) Well, I get Medusa, who's currently imbalanced as shit (Late game, level 16+, nothing can stop her) and, my team wins because I didn't repick her (Random heroes for everyone.) His arguement was-' It was a friendly game, why did you have to ruin it by not repicking when asked to, fag?'. I countered with 'Well, if I didn't keep her, I would have lost, and, I guess, I have to be sorry for wanting to win, and winning. I guess I really ruined the game.' Well, now the dumbass is booting me from every game he and his friends are hosting. Gonna talk to Karawasa (My Clan, DPC,'s leader.) I can't believe Nightsky is even in the clan. W/e. I wouldn't want to play with him anyways.
Random Quote- Steven: Boogers? Because they turn from like, solid, to like, liquid in your nose, because..
(Context: We were talking about which objects change from liquid to solid and vice versa)
PS. I'm back bitches. Or bitch, or w/e. ^_^

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02-15-05 3:56am

Happy Valentines, Jodan biatch. :D

...Gooo look at thissss. I said happy birthday to you and you never saw eet. XD

Here c:

Kae. I'm done. Byeee. GET ON AIM FOO'. o_o

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Re:, 02-15-05 4:00am

Oh, and that animation... 0o; I want that lollipop. Nowwwzzorz.

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