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heather (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2005 at 4:26pm
valentines day was wonderful. bryan was my valentine and was a good one at that. i drove to his apartment and hung out for a while. he bought me roses, a teddy bear and these chocolates that were soooo good. we had a dinner reservation at P.F.Changs at 8:45. Glenn always talked about going there, but we never did. It was soo good. We talked and had a wonderful time. At one point i looked over, and seanandashley were sitting like 3 tables away from us. i was tempted to go say hello, but i opted not to because it was valentines day and didnt want to interrupt their romantic dinner. they looked so happy, it made me happy. as much as i miss him, and wish he and i could have some sort of a friendship, it makes mehappy just knowing that everything is going good for him. but anyways, after dinner, we went back to bryans apartment and we hung out for a little longer, and then around 11:45 i left. but before i left, bryan kissed me. it was sooooo weird becuase we have been friends for like 2-2.5 years. but it finally happened, and i enjoyed it. he made my valentines day special. and i adore him for that.

i texted glenn on valentines day and said 'happy valentines day, remembr the last one?' and he didnt respond. but im hoping that he didnt because he actually thought of the last one and what happened. all the shit i did for him, andall the shit he did for me. and the weekend we spent on peanut island camping. priceless.

i just have to keep it in my mind that everything happens for a reason.
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02-17-05 4:18pm

it sounds like you had a good valentines day, stereotypical, but good nonetheless. starting a relationship with a friend is always much better then starting one with a stranger. it seems like your 'roy boy toy' is no longer in the picture and you have replaced him. no offense, but i am curious, why would you text glenn when you said you were hoping he wouldn't respond? you are naive in your thinking that just because you asked him a question he is actually going to think about an answer more or less reply. not to damper your valentines day buzz, but from my own experiences, it is never a good idea to call/text/email an ex on valentines day. what did happen last valentines day with you and glenn and what is peanut island? what did you do for him, and what did he do for you? everything does happen for a reason, but dont look too deeply into everything to find a meaning.

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