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strawberrie (profile) wrote,
on 2-17-2005 at 6:51pm
Music: candy shop!
Subject: whats new w/ u?
heyy well whats up??

nm here umm heres a lil breif update 'cause im about to leave...

v-day sucked......untill Mike n John picked me n nikki mike got me this teddy bear its so cute n john got me this bracelt its really nice white gold n gold but yea not gunna get into that

john n them have been shady latly n sellin' out so not much has been goin' on but tomorrow im goin' to josh's for this thing cause the other fine assssssssss Josh their both hott but ya Josh is moving to Ohio imma miss him mucho but i gtg bye

sorry about that i got picked up but yeah back to what i was saying....

just read dee's journal well before but yeah very upsetting and mind boggling idk but im fuckin' beat so there was no point in coming back n updated or editing more

peace out

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02-17-05 8:53pm

thx for ur comment, i do love u and dont feel like we're not frinds nemore or nething, its just harder u know? i just needed to let it all out and have a new outlook on life, cuz the other outlook wasnt helping, just making me more miserable and thats not something i neeed lol. xoxo tty soon .. we got a lot to catch up on xo

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Re:, 02-17-05 8:59pm

oh fa' sho cant wait u should deff. come down when were going to Daytona Rjs gunna get a room n were gunna go for the weekend n shit n we'll deff try to schedule it for around when ur done n hopefully staying with me!!

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Re: Re:, 02-19-05 12:23am


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