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bassman (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2005 at 12:14am
Music: santeria - Sublime
Subject: my life
What is up biotches...j/p but not really... n/e who how i have been busy falling head over heels for a girl and i think i am goin to ask her this weekend after i surprise her with something. and i like goin to youth group just because it is so much fun. and tommorow will be fun being a roady! ohh yea and of course i have been playin guitar at my best friends house...FYI thats dylan of course so yea nothin too exciting for u peeps. oo and me and a few friends were going to play dodgeball in a tournament up to tri county but it is all in different sections and not just open dodgeball those stupid prejudices. or h/e u spell it well i'm out it's been a long night. pce...
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