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bootgency (profile) wrote,
on 2-18-2005 at 11:06pm
Subject: Hero for DotA I've been thinking of
Name: *Shrugs*
Class: Druid (*Shrugs*)
Side: Sentinel

Rapid Growth: The Druid breathes into the land, causing rapid growth of trees. This Rapid Growth also causes Rapid Decaying, giving a short life to the trees. (Needs rewrite. BADLY)
Effects: Creates trees (In tightly knit way so anyone in the middle of them is trapped until they wear off, and so that anyone not in them has to walk around it.) in a cone like pattern.

Gonna get a diagram up for how rapid growth works but I have to get off now. Wow I just have bones of the character. SO pitiful
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02-19-05 12:06am

When you get comments you reply to them, bitch! ;_;

Haha niiiice. ^^

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