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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 2-20-2005 at 6:41pm
i think there is too much sealab in my life.

i was watching it just a little bit ago..the same episode on repeat, and i fell asleep..more like half asleep.

then i was having weird half dreams about the i could hear all the dialouge going on, but the episode was different in my head. i don't know..its hard to explain. needless to say im dreaming about a fucking tv show so that is weird.

no work tomorrow thank you very much presidents day.

i go to a funeral for my great grandpa on thursday..should be interesting to say the least.

california is supposed to be all big and fast..well it much so that i can't even jump in and find something to do.

i just want to come home.

its getting faster moving faster now
getting out of hand
on the tenth floor down the back stairs
into no mans land
lives are flashing cars are crashing
getting frequent now
i've got the spirit leaves a feeling
let it out somehow
what means to you what means to me
and we will meet again
i'm watching you i watch it all
i take no pity from your friends
who is right and who can tell and
who gives a damn right now
till the spiritly sensation takes hold
then you know

I've the spirit
but losing feeling.

woo..go joy division.

yeah..i just can't wait to be in my poor cold white trash infested hell hole of a home town...but i won't be living there anyways..just get an apartment in gr somewhere or something..

it will be good.


matthew james hinton

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02-22-05 12:06am

"look at me..
i'm like a little otter..
a sexy little otter"
come home

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