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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 2-22-2005 at 9:43pm
hit me..


im just wondering what did i fuck up now..or what am i fucking up now? its always something..

i i want to fly t'roy out here in may or june..i need him. we will go see the mountains and the ocean.

i was driving the truck at work today by myself..just driving down the road, smoking a ciggarette..listeneing to sunday bloody sunday (which is like the only u2 song i like)..and i spaced out imaging i was driving east on i-80 towards was 70 degrees today..i had the window down..i jsut didn't want to i "accidently" got lost and drove around for like 15 more minutes. i love my job.

i can't wait until thats really happening though..just me and the open road cliche but i don't even will be fantastic..a voyage across the can taste it.


matthew james hinton.
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02-23-05 10:02am

He wants to see you too Matt. We both miss you a ton.



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