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BootGency (profile) wrote,
on 2-23-2005 at 7:25pm
For most of us, death comes swiftly. Quietly, you slip away while you sleep.
You miss a step, stumble down to your death, thinking "Oh shit." But for many, death is a long drawn out process. Long, suffering, drawn out pain to many.

This goes out to you, Everest the First. You suffered much longer then you should have.

If I were ever to find myself in the position where death is evitible, I would kill myself, merely to spare myself the emotion trauma.

Mopsey too. Althought I didn't know you, I feel a closeness and self awareness brought on by your life. I hope you didn't suffer.
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02-23-05 9:46pm

~_~ Jodan cat.. So sorry.. <33

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02-23-05 10:10pm
Everest the First died along time ago..

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02-24-05 2:09am

Mmk shit. I feel stupid now. <_< What's going on?

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