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suspensionrings (profile) wrote,
on 2-23-2005 at 7:27pm
Everyone I've ever talked to about this says that I deserve better. Maybe I'm not saying it right. Maybe I'm leaving things out, inserting emphasis where it doesn't belong, blowing up the angst and whine like I always do.


"It sounds like he's had this thing for Claire the whole time."

"Oh, he's had it for years. [etc.]"

"I mean, when you were down here, he would talk on the phone with her, I could tell the, the connection th--"

"Oh, god, you should see the two of them together. He's like a mother hen."

"Aaaah, well, that sucks, but you really deserve better than that."

"[noncommital grunt]"

My mother speaks with a great deal of commas.


"That's the thing, though, is he doesn't really give a shit about me one way or the other. All he ever wanted was Claire. Still is."


He could be content with anyone, but only she can make him happy. He has no standards because none can measure up to her. He's not looking for love, just companionship, something to make the ache go away. But it won't, ever. And unless he finds someone who can tolerate being perpetually second best, it'll continue to fuck things up.

I swear I want nothing more than to bury his pretty little face in the cement.
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