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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 2-24-2005 at 4:34pm
Well, i cant say things are getting better...... Grace wont talk to me, and I really dont know what Id do without her. I mean, were still together, but shes mad at me. Ive been trying to fix it, I wrote her a note, I tried talking to her, and Ive tried giving her space, but none of its working. I really dont want to loose her, shes really special to me. So now Im waiting for her,...... I hope we can get over this, and if we do, then well be stronger than ever, because what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. I dont know what to do.....any advice, anyone?? I really dont want to do something Im gonna regret later.......
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03-02-05 9:14pm

I know how it feels to be in a delema like that...

sorry another has to suffer it...

thx for looking out for me on that comment...I really appreciate it...really...It gives me hope...I know now there is still nice caring people out there and not just the stereo type american pig...

my advice would be wait it out...let her come to u when shes ready, but done make it seem like ur to proud to go back to her...or something like that...

I am not in my right state of mind...actually...I never really am...

good luck...and thx for ur caring was so appreciated.



<3 a fellow rock fan aka, kelli

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03-02-05 10:01pm

shinedown is perhaps the best band...I love them with a passion

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03-02-05 11:53pm

i forgot ur number!!!!

i didn't write it down...

im an idiot!

blonde moment...

I am sorry

ill try so hard to come back online...just leave it in a comment on my journal...or ill be online tonight if u get online and leave it in an IM...sorry!

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