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chocolatemilk (profile) wrote,
on 2-24-2005 at 9:19pm
My favorite poem ever:

Angry Lashes

The eyelashes
In the bottom corners of my eyes
Speak the truth of my soul
As they curve to crack
And spike like prickly cactus pins
Against the beauty of my mask

I suppose it is true
That thou shall never put mascara on the bottom
Of thy lashes
But glitter is so tempting
To place betwixt the vines


It is by Sophia, and it is good.
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02-25-05 1:23am

that is a GOOD poem.

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02-26-05 1:55am

Yes, im my PROFESSIONAL, ahem, opinion, hum, it is, in all actuality, the BEST poem. Ever. And I should know, considering I, um, and I Harfurd Ivy League Doctorate Rhodes Scholar with a PhD. And I also have Paris Hilton on my speed.

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03-01-05 9:11pm

Harfurd... Hahahahahaha

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