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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 2-25-2005 at 10:46pm
Music: freakishly humored
Old School and Anchorman are funny-ass-movies. You can trust that.

"You're like a miniture Budda, covered in hair"

Anyway, I don'y feel like recaping my Orlando weekend once again, as fun as it was.. So I'll just say that Friday at 12:30 in the morning we started on the coach bus, then around eight o'clock I got a coffee and some hash browns at a rest stop. Then around tenish we arrived at Seaworld and I stayed with my group [Lauren, Ben, Travis, DJ, Matt] until three-thirty and then we went to The Florida Mall until nine. I got two Napoleon Dynamite shirts, a pair of sunglasses, two fancy headbands, some earings, candy, a pale pink\brown broach and a neat reversible tan and green purse.

I roomed with Gina, Bianca, Bryana and Audrey then in the morning we went to Islands of Adventure. Had loads of fun there, then Sunday we went to Universal Studios. I bought a really over-priced camera there, but it was worth it for the neato pictures that I'll post soon.

Then Amber is visiting this week until Sunday, so we've been going to the movies. We've seen Hitch, Constantine, Old School and now we're watching Anchorman. Oh yeah, and like half of Garden State that we'll be finishing tomorrow. I saw Robot Chicken last night, it was okay, but not as funny as I thought it would be.. That might be because I had like null sleep and a little stressed.

Oh well.. Back to the six o'clock news!
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