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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 3-1-2005 at 9:53pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd
Subject: Lets see now...
I noticed I have been running out of things to put as my subject... I am trying to switch it up... But... I am stupid... So thats hard for a stupid man...

Moving on... Jamie Foxx won best actor just like he deserved for playing Ray Charles in the movie Ray... Thats all I really cared about so for the Oscars I am happy...

Time trials on Monday... Freshman 3 Times:

Adam N. -- 5:07
Kevin Y. -- 5:40
Jake S. -- 5:56

I have some ground to make up... But that shouldnt be too hard when I prepare for the race and when I have my spikes on... They had their spikes with them... But thats really no excuse so I shouldnt be talking... I have a race, actually a relay, on Saturday... I am hoping to break 5:45... Rubber track... I will be prepared and have my spikes on... I think that is a reasonable goal... Those times were for the mile by the way...

Progress Report came and I had a B!!... Whats up with that!?!?... Its ok though... Because I talked to my PE teacher and she said it was because she hadent entered my make ups in yet and that I have an A now so I should be fine...

Had a math test today... Hella easier than I thought... Anything less than a 95% and I will be very disappointed in myself... I think I should have gotten a 100% but we'll see...

What else what else?... Trumpet is really fun... Having a good time with that... Nobody believes that I am gunne get into Cal or Stanford... I cant wait to prove them wrong... They dont know my capabilities... They'll see, they'll see...

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03-02-05 2:59am

Whoa! 5:56 mile?!? That's really fast... for me. I would never, I mean NEVER get any mile below 6:00, even if I practiced and trained 24/7. You know, I am horrible at running. My best mile was 8:05!!! Now that's pathetic. Ope, I don't want to hear anything, I know it is a very bad mile time and no one needs to deny it. I know for a fact that I'm a very bad runner, (that's why I wouldn't join cross country or track or something like that) which is kind of ironic considering that I am an ok swimmer. Hmm... aren't swimmers supposed to be good runners or is it runners supposed to be good swimmers? I don't know, but I would be really happy if I could ever get a 5:56 mile time. And about your trumpet playing: You plan on majoring in music when you get to college or whatever? I mean, I'm pretty sure I know your capabilities (extraordinary), but I just thought it kinda weird because I thought you'd be doing business or law or something like that. I wouldn't try getting into a university through my sax playing. I'm definitely not good enough. Piano would work, but not the sax. Haha, well I hope you do great at the relay on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday, I just wanted to let you know that our swim meet on Saturday has been cancelled, so don't all of you and Kevin and everyone go out of your way to try to "cheer me on." There isn't gonna be anyone there. Alright, guess I'll see you later then.

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Re:, 03-02-05 10:10am

Brino I bet you could run that fast if you trained... I have been training for less than I year... And hell I think I improved some hell of a lot... I think runners are surposed to be good swimmers... But I can see it going both ways... I am not an extrordinary trumpet player, yet... Thats why I practice so much because I want to be... And I am not sure what I am going to major in for college... I have considered music... But I dunno if I have the talent so I dont know... I got a ways to go... I'll consider my options much more come junior year... And I am going to get into Cal at the minimum... Thats where I have wanted to go my whole life... So if I go there that will be great... The only reason I wouldnt go there would be if I got a full ride to a real good college like Stanford or Harvard or whatever... But we'll see how that all turns out... Thanks for letting us know about your swim meet... I dun think we would have been able to make it anyways but I didnt wanna show up there with the "B" of 'Brian' painted on my stomach and you not be there lol...

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03-03-05 12:27am

Oh man...I miss being a freshman SO MUCH...when B's were actually bad grades...*tear* It seems like so long ago.....ah, I also miss when I used to understand math. If only I'd appreciated algebra when I had the chance.

You play the trumpet? Please come play in our band. Our trumpet is so bad and so annoying too. XD

That's right, you show them all.

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Re:, 03-03-05 10:06pm

Ya... B's are unacceptable to my personal expectations... And Math is difficult, I just have a good teacher to explain it to me...

I dunno if I can just come play in your band XD

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