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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 3-2-2005 at 9:02pm
holler for my new layout.

i like this icon, it has a lot of colors so i could change my layour around and keep the same icon.

versatility is awesome.

i looove you.
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03-04-05 7:39pm


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Re:, 03-04-05 8:09pm

thanks :)

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03-16-05 5:28pm

Sorry to annoy you, but do you have an invite code I could have? Haha, I feel like such a loser, but I REALLY want one. If you do, could you e-mail it to me at :)

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04-26-05 7:11pm

i ♥ your lovely icon.

yep yep. :)


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Re:, 04-26-05 7:14pm

thank you :)

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